The city of Trieste lies at the very edge of north-east Italy and is amongst its most unique cities and Mediterranean resorts, and much of its former grandeur is still clearly apparent in the form of imposing buildings with elaborate Neo-classical facades.

The roman built Trieste was under Venetian government under the 13th century and for 500 years was part of the Austrian-Hamburg Empire. The Habsburg spirit lingers in the neoclassical architecture and 18th-century town planning of the Borgo Teresiano. It wafts over you in the Viennese-style cafés and in the pungent central-European buffets. Vessels still churn the harbor waters, albeit not with the same bustle as when it was the Empire’s principal outlet to the high seas. But the city’s movers and shakers are expanding the port quickly. As borders fall and trade with Eastern Europe flourishes, Trieste hopes again to become a key regional port and relive its commercial glory days.

Trieste is a vibrant city with a lively cultural scene. Roman ruins, castles, a handful of churches and some worthwhile museums offer distraction. It makes a good base for exploring coastal treasures such as Castello Miramare and can serve as a springboard for travels in Slovenia and Croatia.

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