How can I book my Ferry tickets Online?

• At the top of the main page and at the top left corner on every page, click Book Online choose the type of your trip (one way, round trip or multiple trip) and follow the steps on our Online engine

Travelling from Italy to Greece or vice versa?

• You can use our Online Engine on the homepage by clicking Book Online on the top left corner
• If you are booking several days in advance of your desired departure date, you can use our Reservation Form . You will then receive an email receipt of your reservation. Our experienced staff will handle your request within 6 hours and shall contact you regarding confirmation, any better offers available, or alternative routes
• Contact us at or +30 26610 21300

There is no place available online. What do I do?

• Contact us at or +30 26610 21300
• Use Reservation Form
• In any of the above cases, our experienced staff will handle your booking request within 6 hours and will contact you regarding confirmation and /or alternative date or route
• We continuously monitor the systems for possible cancelations. We are almost certain that we will provide you with the best available option for your trip

Which are the necessary travel documents that I should have with me when I travel?

• ID or passport if traveling within Greece
• New type of identity card (ID) or passport if traveling abroad
• If you have issued a ferry ticket with discount you must bring with you the official document that proves that you are entitled of this discount (eg. student pass, membership card, etc.)

Which is the shortest permissible period for issuing Ferry tickets Online?

• One day before the scheduled departure. A prerequisite is to collect the tickets from the port of departure?

I want to benefit from the Return Discount, but I do not know when I will return. What can I do?

• You can issue Open Return tickets, but these are not available from the Online Booking System
• Contact us on or +30 26610 21300 and give us the opportunity to manage your booking request

Discounted ferry tickets? eg. Student discount, family discount.

• not all discounts are available online.
• If you are looking for a discount described in “Ferry Offers”, but it is not available in our online system, you can make your reservation by phone at + 30 26610 21300, or contact us : free of charge and we shall provide it for you

Can I return from a different port than my original destination? What can I do?

• Return tickets may be issued only with the same ferry company
• When both routes of travel are with the same ferry company you can issue a return ticket, unless it is prohibited by ferry company
• If you travel with two different Ferry Companies, just issue 2 separate one-way tickets

Which is the maximum number of passengers and vehicles that can be included in a Ferry Booking?

• The maximum number of passengers and cars that the system allows a simultaneous booking are 6 passengers and 2 vehicles.

I made my purchase online from, How do i know if it is successful?

• You shall receive an e-mail confirmation of your ticket or reservation.

Is there an e-ticket available for Ferry Tickets?

• In order to be eligible to board a ship you should have your ticket on hand.
• When booking online or by phone, shall send you an email with your reservation’s booking number which you must bring with you to the central agency of the ferry company at the port of departure in order for them to issue you a hard-copy of your ticket
• If you are traveling outside Greece, you should perform the check-in process to the central agency of the ferry company at the port of departure; they shall simultaneously issue the hard copy of your ticket

How can I receive my tickets that I booked Online or over the phone?

• At the port of departure or the central agency of the Ferry Company
• You can also collect them from our office
• If your departure date is at least 9 days in advance, your tickets can be sent to you by post or courier (additional postage fee is applied)

How can I pay for tickets I have booked online or over the phone?

• By credit card ( offer’s a secure online payment system)
• With bank deposit
• Through online Banking
• With cash at our office

How secure is a credit card payment?

•, uses the online payment system of Alpha Bank of Greece, providing you with security encryption of 128 bit, the best security system offered by modern technology
• The whole process of payment is carried out in the bank’s safe environment (Alpha Bank 3-D Secure)
• When performing your payments by credit card, your details are not stored and are not known to us.

On the day of my departure, when I should arrive at the port?

• You should be at the port of departure at least 1 hour before departure time on domestic routes
• On international routes should be at the company’s port office for check-in, at least 2 hours before departure

Anagrammatism and minor errors in the passengers or vehicles information

• Generally the ticket is strictly personal. Not transferable and is valid for travel and the location for which it is issued
• In any case, if a mistake has been made to the information you provide during your reservation (eg registration plate) contact us immediately so, if necessary, we can perform the necessary arrangements

Do I need to confirm my departure time?

• Generally it is not necessary. if you have booked your tickets well in advance you can confirm the exact departure time by contacting us the ferry company or port offices

Is there any assistance provided for disabled, elderly or passengers in need of assistance?

• You can send your request to or call +30 26610 21300, in order for our experienced team to offer you the best seat selection, depending on your preferences and facilities of each ship
• In attendance at the port, or central-port agent of the company you should register for any special assistance
• Most ships have specially designed areas for elderly and disabled, the staff of the ship are always willing to help, please let them know when you get on board the ship

Are pets allowed on board?

• Generally, each ship has specially designed places for pets
• You can also travel with your PET in specific category cabins ‘’PET CABINS’’

I have purchased tickets but cannot find them, what do I do?

• Tickets (hard copies), are necessary in order to board a ship
• If you lost your tickets, please contact us immediately to inform you of the lost ticket and reissue procedure. Reissuing must be allowed by the ferry company
• In some cases of lost tickets, it is necessary to purchase a new ticket in order to travel. The amount of your lost ticket will only be refunded by the ferry company after ensuring that the ticket has not used, at the end of the calendar year

Can I change, dates or time of departure?

• Contact us at or call +30 26610 21300 to examine together all available options
• No alteration / cancellation of the ticket can be made after departure (non-show).

How can I cancel my ferry tickets issued from Onferry?

• Cancellations are according with the policy of the ferry company.
• Generally several days before departure, tickets can become “open date” and usually can be used within a year. Limitations exist in specific route or in special offer tickets
• Contact us now to or +30 26610 21300, examine together all possible alternatives
• Following the departure of the ship, tickets cannot be altered or canceled

** The responses described above are not binding but indicative and relate to the policies of Please read carefully the terms of the ferry company before confirming your reservation

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