Ancona is a city and port of Italy in the Adriatic Sea, a charming capital of the province of Ancona in the Marche region.

It has a population of 101,909 people and is at a distance of 380 miles from Corfu. According to Strabo and Plinius it was constructed by the settlers from Syracuse in 394 BC. Its initial name was “Dorian Ankon”. In antiquity it was renowned for its wines and its purple tints. It was very prosperous during the roman period, when it was a Roman naval base.

Today it is a starting point for excursions, as because of its geographic location it serves many destinations in Italy either to the North or to the South. In the area of Ancona you will find the medieval cathedral of San Ciriaco, the preserved Teatro delle Muse of the 19th century as well as the gallery in the Palazzo Bosdari or the Archaeological museum of the city.

From a more commercial point of view, Ancona is famous for its department stores, with low prices throughout the year for all items, brands or not, found at a short distance from the city.

In Italy’s map, Ancona resembles a human elbow and that is how it got its name from the Greek word for this human part.

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